The Business Opportunity - Why nearly 10 million distributors can't be wrong

Why would Forever Living work for you?

It's an opportunity to run your own business, but with the support of a global company behind you. Full training available online to fit in around your lifestyle, and a fully supportive team at the end of the phone. Forever Living is a multi national company, operating in 155 countries around the world, and you can operate from any one of them.

Do you know that most of my team were customers first?

They, like me, fell in love with the products, learnt about the opportunity, and signed up! It's as simple as that.

  • Maybe you want to boost your income by growing an additional full time income around a current 9-5?
  • Or you want a more flexible working pattern around family commitments. Perfect for you if you're on maternity/paternity leave and don’t want to return to full time work
  • Do you want a complete career change?
  • Or long term financial security? A full time salary from part time hours
  • To be part of a supportive and & enthusiastic team
  • Achievable company incentives, including car plan, 5* all expenses paid holidays & profit share

Retailers - people looking to earn an extra £200-£500 per month part time

Team Leaders - looking to earn £800-£2000 per month (part time/full time, retailing + developing a small team. Perfect if you're wanting to earn a full time wage around family commitment

Business Builders - looking to create an income of £3000-£10,000+ per month, retailing and developing/leading/coaching a large team

No experience needed, full training and support provided

No risk, no minimum targets...what are you waiting for?!

Caroline Edwards- Manager


I joined forever towards the end of the summer in 2013. At that point I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life, I was working 3 different jobs, all hours of the day.
My main job is teaching dance in schools but unfortunately I don’t get much work so bringing in some extra income working in a restaurant and working a small business from home was scraping an income together.
Still living with my parents after having to give everything up after an injury to my leg, I just felt like life was going nowhere.
Along came a great friend Rebecca and introduced me to the business.
I’ve always been super interested in health and fitness and always as natural as possible, already then seeking alternative medicine and natural cures I grew great interest very quickly and with a big push from Bex as she knew how much I would love the products and the business along with the ethics of the company.
Now I’m looking forward to an amazing life I know can be provided by Forever. My short term goal is just to get back on my own two feet and move back into my own place.
Things I love about the company, just being able to help people and hear them say thank you from the bottom of their hearts just for introducing them to some amazing products, you don’t get that amount of satisfaction from many other jobs!
You should never let a good opportunity pass you by and this is a great opportunity.

Charlotte Mann- Supervisor

I joined forever last August after falling in love with the products and haven’t looked back. The training, self development and support are outstanding and the earning potential is phenomenal if you’re prepared to work for it. I love the flexibility it gives me to work around my family, it’s a really great business and awesome people too.

Adam Balding- Forever Living Business Builder

Having now retired from professional rugby where I enjoyed 15 good years in what was an action packed career.
Whilst playing for some of the top Premiership Clubs starting with Leicester Tigers and Gloucester Rugby Club to name but a few.
The issue for most professional athletes is the transition from sport into what they do next what I have achieved was an amazing experience but it was also a double edged sword which teaches you that nothing lasts forever.
This is why it is crucial to always have a plan B which is why our business with Forever Living began.
My Wife and I decided to build our business together were we want to be in control of future whilst building a solid foundation for our children.
We joined Forever Living in October 2012 having be introduced by our good friend and my former team mate Craig Gillies and our sponsor to be Tina.
We began our Journey in January 2013 where we have since not looked back.
The thing which struck me about this business was the quality of the products as I have tried every pill, potion and shake over the last 15 years and to find products which actually work for me is a breath of fresh air.
This gives me the confidence and belief in the products and business which allows me to talk with passion when recommending solutions to potential customers
Fast forward 3 years which now sees us building a fantastic business allowing us to be in control of our future whilst helping so many others grow and flourish.
We are achieving everything there is on the marketing plan whilst growing our business in 6 other countries outside the UK.
My final thought is having played professional sport all of my life I have to say the only regret I have is not starting this business sooner.

Rebecca Chambers – Soaring Manager


My name is Rebecca Chambers & I started building my Forever business in April 2013. I have always had an interest in health & wellness, I’ve achieved a degree in Sports Science with Psychology, I’m a qualified sports massage therapist, & my fiancé is a professional rugby player.

My first introduction to Forever like many people was through the products, in particular the Clean 9 I got fantastic results & felt amazing – from then on I was hooked!

This led me to take a look at the business opportunity & immediately I saw a way in which I could work flexibly around my most important job – being a mummy to my 2 little boys! I not only want to spend as much quality time as possible with them, I also want to create wonderful memories with them too!

Forever is quite simply the perfect solution! Since starting my business I haven’t looked back! I’ve made a lot of new friends, I’ve developed as a person due to the fab training & support & I’m now in the incredible position of being a full time mummy earning a very generous full time wage! Forever also pays for my car, is taking me on all expenses paid global trips & I am even going to receive a share of the company profits! I’m so incredibly excited for the future for my family…. & I love being able to help my team achieve the same.


Tom McKelvie- Assistant Manager

My name is Tom McKelvie and together with my wife Claire we are Forever Business Owners. I’ve spent around 10 years working within the Criminal Justice System following a stint at university. Before I even stepped foot into a university and fell into this career I was completely undecided as to what I wanted to do “when I grew up”. But I had big dreams and an ambition to match. The career that followed simply spawned out of an interest I acquired as I studied and whilst it has given me many enjoyable moments, rewarding experiences and skills to boot, it has simply diminished the dreams I once had. Over the years I could see myself losing sight of what I once believed was possible. Throw in a mortgage or two, some car finance a family and all of a sudden I felt trapped. Not because of my wonderful wife and child or because of a lack of ambition but rather a lack of opportunity.

I have always thought there was more to life than working a solid 9-5 job, having a decent house and being able to take the family on holiday once per year. For me life is about experiences, creating memories and most importantly having choices. After the birth of my daughter I quickly realised I was no longer in control of my life, my future or more importantly my children’s future. The turning point for me was not being able to have the time off I wanted with my newborn daughter. I hadn’t noticed that I had lost the ability to choose how I spend my time and I quickly learned the value of time as a new father! This is when I decided to look into the business opportunity the Forever offers. I had used the products for a little while with great success and so I knew there was a good foundation to the business model but I had no idea what was possible.

I showed the opportunity to my wife who is on the leadership team at a Secondary School. We looked at the possibilities and quickly got excited about what we could do with it and where it could take us. As we talked our goals started to get bigger and our ambition grew. We literally regressed to our younger selves; not limited by financial strain, time consuming jobs or our own self doubt. I’m pretty sure I shouted the words “I could be an astronaut!” at some point, much to her dismay.

The reality is, with Forever you should dream big and aim high. We all start small but what we can achieve is simply mind blowing. We have been building our business around our other work commitments for around 10 months at the point of writing this and what it has given us already is simply incomparable to anything else we have experienced.

Our reason for doing this is about creating more choices in life. Having the freedom to spend our time how we chose being the main one. We have achieved so much so far and just keep crossing off our goals. Financial freedom for us is paramount and what we are building with Forever is not only creating wealth for us but will offer financial security for our children. We work with the most amazing and inspiring group of people, we have so much fun, it’s exciting, challenging and rewarding on so many levels but what strikes me most is the level of personal development beyond what I believed was possible. I am literally a better version of “me” thanks to this opportunity.

You might be reading this thinking its too good to be true and this is a thought that crossed our minds too. The reality is it isn’t but it takes work. Hard work, commitment and consistency. I strongly believe if you give Forever 5 years of this level of dedication you will never have to work another day in your life.

Before we decided to start our business the one thought I couldn’t get out my head was what if we don’t do this. What if every crazy idea, big dream or life goal we sat down and dreamt up could come true, what if this could give us the chance to have everything we have ever wanted and we don’t do it because of the teeny tiny risk. Now that is something I could not live with!

Now everyones reasons are different but imagine meeting your 10yr old self and asking them what they want to be when they grow up….. Your hopes and dreams as child are completely uninhibited, ambitions and wildly fascinating. It’s life that sucks those dreams out of you if you’re not careful, and like me, lack direction.

I’m now living life like a 10yr old me would want me to, my dreams are big and my goals are bigger. They are only equalled by my motivation and determination to achieve them. Forever is the vehicle and I’m here for the ride! There is no doubt that in the future I will be in a position to purchase a ticket to space.

My advice would be to dream big, work hard and don’t look back.

Susan Stott- Supervisor

I first became aware of Forever Living Products from a simple flier which was advertising the benefits of the Clean9 and drinking Aloe Vera gel.
As a sufferer of IBS for over 20 years and having a young family my digestive issues & weight management seemed to be a constant battle. My husband decided to take the Clean9 challenge with me and within those 9 days we were both completely converted to the health benefits of Aloe Vera based products.

Over the next few months I researched the Forever Living products and started to use the beauty products too. With summer fast approaching I happened to mention to Jane Shepstone that my 2nd daughter is allergic to suncream so it is very difficult to protect her light delicate skin from the sun. Jane very kindly offered a sample of the Forever Living aloe based sunscreen to test for a reaction before deciding whether to purchase. Since that day my daughter’s skin has been protected by Forever Living suncream in the sun without issue.

My journey as a Forever Living business owner started from there as I , and my family, love the products and the business opportunity seemed almost too good to be true! As a chartered accountant I understood the figures and business requirements of the model plus Jane was incredibly positive and well informed , explaining all the details to me at every stage.
The opportunity to earn and the flexibility to work around family or other commitments is unique and undeniable. The support, advice and help given by Jane cannot be underestimated plus there is incredible team spirit and encouragement available from the wider team.

If you want a flexible way to earn whilst working wherever/whenever you like plus the opportunity to achieve promotions, car payments, free holidays and other fabulous incentives then have a chat with Jane about this opportunity , you won’t regret it … I definitely haven’t!

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